Friday, May 22, 2009

Ya Gotta Smile!

Today I found myself smiling as I drove south on Wiesbrook Road on my way to work. Several times a week when I make this drive I see a stunning red cardinal fly across the road at about the same spot every time--just north of Atten Park. I don't know if it's always the same cardinal, but it makes me smile every time.

It got me thinking today how many little serendipities in life always make me smile when I experience them. So on this beautiful spring day, I offer you Kate's Official List of Smile Inducers. You may want to add your own!

Cars driving by with a dog's head poking out one of the open windows. Once I even saw a huge dog sitting in a car with its head popping through the open sun roof! Now that's livin'!

Young dads walking with their toddlers--especially if they are holding hands!

Any music with really awesome percussion!

Driving on Schaffner Road in the summer--the trees make me feel like I'm engulfed in a green tunnel.

Driving on Schaffner Road in the fall, when those same trees are are stunning shades of gold, brown, red, and yellow.

Na-na-na-na-na-na! The nasty-sounding guitar chords that start the song "Bad to the Bone," by George Thorogood.

Anytime I walk through the door and my 60-lb., yellow, badly-in-need-of-grooming labradoodle--Bonnie--bounds toward me to greet me.

My husband's laugh.

Flashes of distant lightning and rumbles of far-off thunder.

Swirling autumn leaves.

The first few measures of the ultimate party song--"Love Shack," by the B52s.

Walking up the ramp into the interior of any professional baseball park, seeing the emerald green of the playing field unfold before me, and getting swept up in the excitement of the crowd.

The first night the Christmas tree is up and decorated each year.

The smell of birthday cake candles right after they are blown out.

Any time I see my daughter dance. Never stop dancing somehow, Honey!

When Bonnie wants something (usually to go outside and...well, you know), she whines in a way that almost sounds like human speech. Cracks me up!

Taking a nap on a warm, sunny summer Sunday afternoon with the bedroom window open and the distinctive sound of a pulsating sprinkler outside.

My son loves to have his shaved head rubbed. So he sits next to me, takes my hand, places it on his head, and begins to move his head around to give me the hint!


  1. Susie's Smile Inducers:
    1.) Reading Kate's smile inducers

  2. "Love Shack" sister has my number! Kate, this was wonderful. It made me smile.

  3. Found myself nodding and smiling as I read. Thanks for the SMILES!

  4. Great list, Kate! I would add one --- the sound of birds singing outside my bedroom window at 4 in the morning.

  5. My addition to this running list.... is walking into the room full of people and my 1 yr. old granddaughter brightening up when she sees me and crawling in a straight line, with no detours, right for me. She did that yesterday and I still smile thinking about one more of God's gifts to me.

  6. When I was in grade school this kid told me that I couldn't say the word "Panties" without smiling, I think it may be true only for guys though.

  7. When I come home at 11 o'clock and my mom is still up waiting for me.

    When Daddy makes us popcorn without us even asking.

    The smell and taste of pizza (for both of us lol).

    Listening to my mom play percussion and knowing it is a passion of hers and a reminder of Charlie Pop.

    Hanging out with my brother and mom watching playoff baseball games, even if none of our teams have made it (Pirates, Mets, Angels...we have too many teams in our family lol).

    Reading a really good book.