Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Case of Mistaken Identity

What a journey to get to this place!

Two days ago I set up this blog. I was proud of myself—I had joined the blogging community and was excited to get started on this new adventure.

Today I logged in and could not for the life of me figure out how to post an entry! I read the “Help” page, I tried this and that. Two hours later I discovered that my friend Joe, an established citizen in Blog-land, was on Facebook, so I IMed him begging for help! As I tried this and that road suggested by Joe, I came to the embarrassing discovery that I was using the wrong user name and password to enter.

I had an identity problem.

Ah, but there is a lesson in this! Nothing works smoothly when we have a confused identity! God knew that…that’s why he sent his Son. “In the beginning” we were made in God’s image—not a bad reflection in the mirror! But that image became confused and vague and dimmed, and it had to be restored. Enter Jesus.

The problem with my blog account is I apparently have several “identities,” and I was using the wrong one. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have one identity? Hmmm…


  1. See: turning trials into lessons; a true blogger!

  2. LOVE the BLOG name...
    LOVE the lesson....
    LOVE YOU Girlfriend!

    Hey, even to post this little comment to you, I HAD to select from a drop down menu, my OWN profile. Hmmmm ;}

  3. Welcome to Blogland, Kate! Nice to stop by and visit.....

    --Anna Larkin

  4. MCF, You go girl! Look at you flowing in your giftedness. I am so proud of you. Keep rollin' them out. Love you, YCF

  5. Joan said:
    WoW Kate what a thought. Thanks for sharing - what a witness. Helped me to reflect and check myself. Love Ya